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If you are a veteran with a combat tour and a VA disability and would like to discover whether learning to dive or continuing your diving education can benefit you, start by completing the form below.

  • It doesn’t matter which branch of the service you were in.
  • All theaters of operations are accepted.
  • You need only have a VA disability rating of 10% higher and a combat tour.

At the present time, our ability to teach is limited to the Fort Lauderdale area. If you have the means to travel to and stay in the Fort Lauderdale area, we can most likely accommodate you. If this is not an option, please have your local dive shop contact us. We may be able to pay for your training through them.

When completing this form, you need not disclose the precise nature of your injuries. Nevertheless, if you have a disability (not required) physical or otherwise, our awareness will assist us in making your training the best it can be.

After sending this form, we will be in touch with an email address to which your can send your DD-214 and VA disability letter.

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