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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are four questions people often ask us and their answers.

Why does Dive4Vets offer its services for free?

Wounded service members sustained their injuries while defending our freedom and way of life. Dive4Vets and our supporters firmly believe we owe it to our brave heroes and their families to help them heal.

Who qualifies for our services?

Dive4Vet’s services are available to any veteran with a combat tour and a VA disability. PTSD is a qualifying injury.

How do service members feel about or programs?

We’ve received countless letters and emails from the service members we’ve helped, as well as from their families. Everyone we’ve helped seems eager to tell us about the huge impact our programs have had on their lives.

A major benefit of scuba training for combat-wounded veterans is that it helps restore their sense of independence. This in turn has helped to reduce the number of post-war suicides among veterans. It is one more reason we continue to do what we do.

How does therapeutic scuba benefit combat-wounded veterans?

The short answer is, in more ways than you can imagine.

  • Scuba diving can help improve motor skills, mobility, muscle and cardiovascular strength and blood flow. It can reduce pain and improve psychological well-being.
  • Changes in water press can help move shrapnel to a safer place in the body for surgical removal. It can even cause shrapnel to leave the body on its own.
  • Scuba diving can help reduce the sense of isolation many combat-wounded veterans feel. Serious injuries often interfere with a veteran’s ability to provide for themselves and their families. This is devastating to those who are natural protectors, who are used to taking charge, pushing themselves to extremes and performing courageous acts on a daily basis. Diving helps reduce the sense of isolation by being a team-based activity with lots of social interaction.
  • Diving helps many wounded veterans realize how capable they are. Disabilities often disappear as veterans experience pain-free movement for the first time. This contributes to positive, lifelong changes not only for the veteran but for their entire family.
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