Dive4Vets Foundation


Here are the companies and organizations whose corporate philosophies align with ours. Without their financial and other support, we could not continue our work.

Aquatic Ventures

Aquatic Ventures:

  • Donates 20% of every certification class taught to Dive4Vets.
  • Provides rental gear and air/Nitrox for training dives
  • Maintains our teaching equipment at no cost.
  • Provides amazing instructors to help teach our combat-wounded vets.

Scuba Tank Service

Scuba Tank Services:

  • Provides free visual inspections and hydrostatic tests of our tanks.
  • Provides air/Nitrox for training dives.

Indigo Industries

Indigo Industries manufacturers dive equipment specifically designed and tested for amputee, paraplegic and quadriplegic divers.

Sinulogic LLC

Sinulogic LLC is a digital media and marketing company. They specialize in web design and content, video production, social media marketing and eLearning development. Sinulogic is has donated both time and resources to Dive4Vet’s online presence.

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